Bitumen Supplier


Top Quality Bitumen Supplier in Russia

Tradeinvestoil is Russia’s biggest bitumen supplier. For a wide range of uses and industries, we have the tools, the motivation, and the capacity to produce bitumen of the highest caliber. Our name has become a well-known brand name among regular users of bitumen.

A Well-Known Bitumen Supplierb Name in the Market

A mixture of hydrocarbons known as bitumen, which is black and viscous. We create either naturally or as a byproduct of the purification or distillation of petroleum. As a well-known bitumen supplier, our bitumen is a component of the majority of roofing. And also paving products used in the construction industry. As the best bitumen suppliers, we offer excellent thermoplastic and waterproofing properties. This makes it suitable for a range of applications. Construction of motorways, dams and other buildings uses our bitumen. It is very sticky and used to bind two or more things together. Furthermore, Damp Proof Course employs it (DPC).

Properties of the Best Bitumen You Will Find Here

  • Excellent Durability:

Our bitumen is able to keep all of your building’s parts together for a considerable amount of time. That is roughly 20 years in adverse weather. For exposure work, its lifespan should be at least ten years. And for non-exposed work, it should be twenty years or more.

  • Versatile:

As a leading bitumen supplier and Russian crude oil, one of the best properties of our bitumen is that it is quite adaptable. During the building phase, it is flexible, and during the operational phase, it is hard.

  • Highly Elastic:

When stretched or expanded from a sample, our bitumen thread can eventually return to a length. The length is close to its initial length. Some bitumens may require more time than others for this process. This feature is referred to as bitumen’s elasticity.

  • Economical to Use:

Our bitumen is cost-effective to use. Bitumen should be affordable, even though the price varies depending on the grade.