Espo Light Crude Oil (ГОСТ Р 51858-2002)


Leading Russian Crude Oil Seller

Tradeinvestoil LLC is a leading Russian crude oil seller in Russia. Our top-notch staff and sound extraction technology have made us the top-ranked crude oil selling Company.

As with any product, our primary goal is to establish our company as one of the leading crude oil suppliers while earning a reasonable profit. We believe that we provide our clients with such first-rate service in all areas, including quality, pricing, on-time deliveries, and customer service, that they have simply locked in with us and become regular customers.

Why Choose Us

We are Consistent

As a Russian crude oil manufacturer, we understand the importance of earning every bit of business that comes our way. As a result, we never take a business client for granted. Furthermore, we understand that the best way to keep earning business is to consistently outperform in all areas over time.

We have a consistent overlapping with other crude oil suppliers in our industry.

We Offer Affordability

We also understand the need for every business to cut costs. Almost everything we source has been steadily increasing in price for years. Shops like Tradeinvestoil have had to dramatically increase their output in order to remain competitive, if not even in the game.

Keeping all of this in mind, we employ economies of scale to keep costs low as a Russian crude oil manufacturer.

What Sets us Apart

We Live and Breathe Quality

Quality is all we work for. We focus on extracting quality from every process to be among the top Russian crude oil sellers.

Experienced Employees

We have an experienced and able workforce. We always hire skilled workers who understand the intricacies of crude oil selling. We claim to have the best engineering staff as a dependable crude oil supplier and exporter.