Used Rails


Top Quality Used Rails Suppliers

Tradeinvestoil is rank as one of the top used rails suppliers in Russia. We are a renowned band as we keep enough stock to supply to our customers. Apart from used rails, we offer bitumen, crude oil, d6 virgin oil, and d6 virgin fuel oil.

We keep a big used rails stock that can cater to a wide range of customers. Our used rails are rigorously chose bar by bar as they arrive from us to the destination warehouse. There are two levels of selection:

  • Earth restraining stakes rails
  • Re-use on tracks rails

Perfect straightness, cleanliness, minimal wear and tear, and head uniformity are guaranteed at the second level.

Why Choose Us

Customer First Policy

We always believe that customers are the main fuel for our business engine. Therefore, to keep the engine up and running we keep our customers engaged and know how we can resolve their issues. This keeps us among the top hospitable used rails suppliers in Russia.

If you are new and are confused about which company to buy used rails from, then stop searching as we are the one.

We Uphold Standards.

Our CNC turning parts are subjected to a thorough quality assurance process in our on-site examination lab. We as used rails suppliers pick well-equipped with modern tools and machinery, as well as the necessary inspection equipment for your used rails. We ensure that your products meet your specifications and quality standards.

Design Rail Parts to Meet Your Specifications

While making used rails, we make sure to keep each customer’s instructions in mind. We understand that in order to compete with top Russian used rails suppliers, we must be client-specific in our manufacturing game. Our work revolves around the instructions of the buyers.

Whether you are a small-scale business or you have an established entity, we can cover you.